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Tasha's return to painting is inspired by her lived experiences and the world around her. Her paintings express emotions too difficult to convey in words--enabling a reconnection to the deeper self. Her art illustrates particular moments in time each representing relatable emotional states (angst; despair; joy; resilience). How do our personal experiences shape the way we view a painting? How might our perceptions shift when the painting is associated with words? Tasha has this to say about her art: “Painting allows me to express the things I want to say but I am unable to express…the pain of a loss too difficult to speak about, the feeling of rain after a long dry spell, the secret that can never be shared, the feeling of loving and being loved." Follow Tasha Riley at Saatchi Art to keep up to date with her recent works.

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"Some days I lie on my couch with the sun streaming in and look at my two paintings. I seem to feel like really looking at them when it is sunny out…usually a Sunday, with a good book or great music.

They give me a sense of space and lightness. They give me space to let my thoughts roam and always clarity of thought. I feel lighter and more expansive. More “myself”.  I always have a new experience when I look at them."

Denise, Child & Adolescent Mental Health Nurse, Perth, Australia

"Over time, I see new and different meaning in the work myself, which both surprises and delights me.

It provokes reflexivity, possibility and limitation all at once."

Kathy Hibbert, Ph.D., London, Ontario, Canada

"We keep Tasha’s painting in our breakfast room. It is complemented by the warm, morning sun, and draws a contrast to drawings by our young daughter.

The map-like geometries of her paintings, suggestive of Klimt and Schiele, remind us of places yet visited."

Jamie Doucette, Ph.D., Manchester, United Kingdom



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